Sunday, May 29, 2011

Knitting Update

I've finished a few projects lately, finally done all planned baby projects for now!! Finished recently:
Baby blanket for Cobble Cobble's sweet little girl, quilting pattern inspired.
Hooded jacket for a friend's little boy.
And no picture update w/ both socks, but I FINALLY finished my mom's Christmas present pair of socks! Only about 5+ months late. I basically knit the whole sock while on the trip to Alaska. Everyone says socks are good travel projects b/c they are small and portable, and they are right! After doing this first pair of socks I am super inspired to knit a pair or two for myself. I have have at least four skeins of sock yarn in the stash waiting for projects. I got some of the new yarn from a cute new yarn shop in Juneau, hand dyed in Juneau.

But, first I have to get back to a project all for me. My "Cherry Cardigan." I probably put the needles down for this over 8 months ago when baby season reared its head again. I'm excited to get back to it. Took me a good bit to remember where I was in the pattern, but I am ready to go. Maybe I'll even get it done in time to wear it in the proper season!

Off to a bbq. I'll post pics of Alaska soon, they are on the other computer...

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  1. Thanks for posting! Your projects are all amazing :) I'm glad you were able to pick up some yarn while in Alaska. You'll always remember that project XYZ (whatever it is) was made with yarn from that trip. Really cool!